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Friday, November 16, 2001

Pali Lookout to Lanihuli - Stan Yamada (2001)

21 November 2001
My son Adam and I finally completed our Lanihuli East Tramp today.  Sunny and clear  to start the day, but very muggy and no breeze.  As I've written of the  trail several times already, I won't go into detail.  We left the Pali  Lookout parking lot at 9:00 a.m. and reached the Puka twenty minutes later  after a nice scramble.  Thanks to the ropes and cables previously laid, we  reached the top of the second bypass by 10:00.The fun really starts when you reach the first set of pinnacles.  The tough  rock climbing come, not at the large pyramid, but at the little rocky knobs  in-between.  The climbing opportunities on this trail are many.  It tested  the limits of my meager abilities.We brought one 25 ft. cable and one 35 ft. rope.  We used the rope to drop  down from one peak to a narrow ledge trail served by an Al Miller telephone  cable laid perhaps 10 years ago but still in perfect shape.  We followed the  Miller Cable to the anvil rock at the washout.  The dirt ravine has  overgrown some in the month since we were there last.  I believe it is just  a wash where rocks and debris from the washout  roll down the hill.I looped the knotted cable around the anvil rock and dropped it down the  wash toward the contour trail I thought I could see.  We discussed for a  minute whether we should tie one end of the rope to Adam and one to the rock  while he tried to climb up the exposed Windward side.  That side had better  holds.  I nixed that idea and volunteered to lead down the chute and around  the washout.  I rappelled down about ten feet and considered how I would get  across the chute and get some kind of hold.  A few tufts of grass looked  inviting.  I made my move and found myself on the other side with a decent  foothold and a tuft of grass to hold on to.  I maneuvered around to the left  of the washout and edged diagonally up the sheer face.  I signaled to Adam  that I was ok and that he should follow.  I rested as he easily made it to  my position.I turned and proceeded up a densely wooded area and made it to the ridgeline  past the washout.  Did I mention that this was a very steep face?  Once back  on the ridgeline, it is a slog fest through dense tangle all the way up to  the top.  Very grueling and slowed us down.  We finally attained the true  summit at 2:30 p.m.  Adam cut out a lunch spot there and we rested.  It was  pretty much a white out so no serious views except for the occasional peek.We headed down at 3:10 and encountered no problems until we reached the  washout area.  That very steep part caused me to lose my hold and I tumbled  ass over tea kettle twice until I self-arrested on a clidemia plant.  Adam,  just behind me, was laughing his ass off.  He said he knew I wouldn't get  hurt.  Hmmm.  I didn't get hurt, it was as comfortable  a fall as one could  hope for.  There were some problems getting out of my jam, but I eventually  toughed out a climb to get back in a safe position.We proceeded down with dispatch to avoid getting caught in the dark again.   Certain parts are very hairy and take concentration to negotiate.  We could  have used another 5 ropes.  I finally emerged back in the parking lot, in  the dark, at 6:30.  This was a beast of a climb.  Technically challenging  and physically taxing.  Now is the time to try it if that is your wont.  We  saw a few circular rainbows up there.  One slice of pizza cut out the bottom  representing the shadow of the pyramidal peak ahead of us.  The views are  stupendous.