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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nukohe Sister Ridge -- Scott Villiger

Photo by Jason Sunada
Today,  Sir Ed (Gilman), Dayle Turner & I set out to climb Lanihuli via a ridge we have named "Nukohe Sister Ridge".  This is a non-prominent and very steep ridge compared (from a distance) to the already done (descended long ago by Al Miller & recently by Peter Clines) "Kiss the Ground Ridge", that includes the two very precarious rockfaces.  The Sister Ridge is vegetated and has no rockface.  The Sister is the very next ridge makai.  A "bowl" area seperates the two.  They meet up at a very beautiful plateau that I think is the actual Pu'u Nukohe.Mahalo to Sir Ed for fixing the rope on our first visit,  Patrick for making progress through the uluhe above the cable spot and to Peter for providing somewhat of a swath for us on the upper part.The ridge is very nice between the cable and the uluhe.  The beginning of the uluhe was easy thanks to Patrick.  Then we got to the end of Patrick's work, and the uluhe continued for quite a distance, in a near vertical slope.  Sir Ed  took the lead for a while, then I volunteered.   Very tiring.  My heart was pumping.  Soon after I asked Dayle to take over, the ridge became much more gentle.  Soon thereafter, we arrived at the plateau.  The actual Pu'u Nukohe?  Majestic spot and views from there.
Ed Gilman (left) and Scott Villiger
From there on up, it was just a matter of hiking, climbing and generally following Peter's swath, on a very scenic ridge.  Had lunch on Lanihuli Summit.Descent was via Kamanaiki Ridge.  Descended Kamanaiki Ridge to Kahili Valley via a ridge that headed directly towards the water tank.  We three had not done this particular one before.  It had pine trees.  Maybe "the" Pine Tree Ridge?While descending Kamanaiki,  we noticed that a swath, fairly high up was obvious from a considerable distance.  The swath of Peter, Dayle, Ed and Scott.Back at the cars, found a note on Dayle's car.  Miss Charlotte had been in the neighborhood.  Hi Charlotte, wish you could have joined us.We had a great time.Scott

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