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Monday, August 29, 2011

Pali Notches to Konahuanui 1

The "hike" from the Pali Lookout to Konahuanui via the Pali Notches Ridge is now becoming pretty regular fare for hikers hence treks by

Monday, August 22, 2011

Po'o Nia (Bolohead) Ridge Conquered

Kaleo Lancaster and company have established a route to/from the apex of the Waianae Range (aka Mauna Kaala) via Bolohead Ridge, so christened by Waianae Steve Rohrmayr because of a extreme rockface on this "trail" that appears like the head of a hairless man. Perhaps this trail/route might be called Po'o Nia Ridge (the Hawaiian translation for bald head).

Whatever the case, Bolohead/Po'o Nia has been done as documented by David Chatsuthiphan at Unreal Hawaii.

The pic at left (taken by Nate Rubio) is Kaleo climbing Po'o Nia.

Congrats and good work, people!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poamoho-Schofield via California Avenue

Kaleo Lancaster and friends recently completed an extreme hike from Poamoho to Schofield, which included that wonderful crossing along the Koolau Summit Trail between the Poamoho and Schofield termini.

Kaleo's account begins as follows:
Hiked from Poamoho Ridge to Wahiawa Heights last weekend. It was cold, rainy, muddy, and wild. In terms of beauty, not many hikes can touch this one. The route traverses some of the most remote and undeveloped terrain on the island of Oahu, with an incredible two mile walk along the Ko'olau summit trail. Exactly how awesome was it? Unforgettably awesome: in fact, the route is so awesome, that we all agreed to do it every year for as long as we're still alive and able to hike. Yeah, it's that beautiful.
Read more from Kaleo ....

To lengthen the hike and to avoid the need for vehicle shuttle, it is possible to make this into a big loop which starts and ends at the end of California Avenue in Wahiawa (this is the trailhead for Schofield and Wahiawa Hills).

To do this loop, follow the Wahiawa Hills trail to the Bamboo Grove along the jeep road Map Point F (see map from Stuart Ball's book below). At that point, leave the Wahiawa Hills trail to follow the switchback trail in the bamboo down to Poamoho Stream. Once at the stream, cross it to pick up a spur ridge almost immediately and follow the spur (this is a hunters' trail) which will lead to the dirt road that leads to the Poamoho Trailhead.

A half hour hike along the road will bring one to the start of Poamoho. From there, happy hiking to the summit, right turn at the summit to follow the KST (a wonderful two-hour stretch where one will pass the top-off of Pauao Ridge Trail from Kahana Valley--recently re-opened by Clines, Ong, and Smith).

Once the the terminus of Schofield Trail is reached, it is a right turn and then the rollercoaster trail back to the trailhead followed by an hour's walk on the dirt road back to California Avenue.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lanipo Windward attempt forthcoming?

As far as I know, Lanipo Windward (pictured above, photo by Jeremy Kreis) has not been done since HTMC legend Dick Davis descended this ridge back in the 1940s.

But there is renewed interest in LW, especially by Jeremy Kreis (see pic above by him of the ridge), so it seems probable that an attempt will be made JK and friends in the near future.

Be careful, folks!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pauao Ridge (Kahana) re-opened

Yesterday, Pete Clines (above left) reported that after eight visits to Pauao Ridge in Kahana Valley, the trail to the summit as been reopened. Joining him for this trail resurrection effort were August Smith (orange shirt) and Duc Ong.

Mahalo and good work guys.

According to HTMC prez Jay Feldman, the Pauao Hike may be put back on the club schedule after being in mothballs (or overgrown uluhe) for years.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lanihuli to Kalihi Saddle

A crew of young intrepid hikers (Jeremy Kreis, Dave Concepcion, Michael David Loftin, Rhonda Navarro Hutchison, and Marcus Griego, L to R above) completed another of those "extremely difficult" (read: death-defying) sections of the Koolau Crest, this one from Pu'u Lanihuli to the saddle at the head of Kalihi Valley (aka Kalihi Saddle).

Check out a video depiction of their extreme exploits (by Dave Concepcion)