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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moanalua Saddle to Keahiakahoe

There are some sketchy sections of the Koolau summit ridge and one of them is the segment from the Moanalua Saddle (reached via the Kulana’ahane trail from deep in Moanalua Valley) to Keahiakahoe and the top of the Haiku Stairs (aka Stairway to Heaven). [Photo at left is by David Chatsuthiphan].

Although not heavily hiked, this section has been done with some regularity in recent years and was documented quite well by David Chatsuthiphan @ Unreal Hawaii, who says...
What a hike.We had the good fortune last weekend to be invited to hike the Moanalua Saddle to Haiku Stairs. The hike was lead by Marcus, an avid Oahu extreme hiker. He does this trail frequently and offered to lead us on it. Had he not been available to show us the way, I’m certain that I would not have attempted this trail. It’s very risky. One slip up and you would be tumbling down the mountain.

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