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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kalena, Ka'ala, Kamaohanui -- Jeremy Kreis

Probably the first time the traverse from Kolekole Pass to Pu'u Kalena to Mauna Ka'ala to Kamaohanui to Waialua has been done.  The doers were Jeremy Kreis, Matt Church (left, below), and Jonathan O'Hagan (right, below).  The deed was done in July 2011.  Here is Jeremy's summation of the outing, along with some pics he took.
Connected the three highest peaks on the island. Original plan was to follow Ka'ala East to Kamaohanui, and then go down Kalena. We had access problems so we started at Kalena instead. Got lost in the Ka'ala Bog so we had to climb a tree to find the FAA Installation. The descent down to Kamaohanui was not what I expected. There is a fence about halfway down, and the climb to Kamaohanui was not very exciting. At the summit, we were debating about where to go down, and, unfortunately, Ka'ala East did not happen. That jagged ridge will have to wait. We followed a fenced ridge down to Waialua instead. Came out on Farrington Highway a block from where we finished on Dupont last year.

 Below: On the way to Kalena.

Below:  Pu'u Kalena in the upper right with Mauna Ka'ala in the distance in the upper left.

Below:  Mauna Ka'ala as seen from summit of Pu'u Kalena.

Below:  Matt Church on the traverse from Kalena to Ka'ala

Below:  Steep rope section on Kalena traverse before Mauna Ka'ala is acquired.

Below:  Ka'ala summit bog is acquired.

Below:  Kamaohanui in middle of photo.

Below:  Traverse to Kamaohanui follows fenceline.

Below:  Pu'u Kamaohanui as seen from the approach ridge from Mauna Ka'ala.

Below:  Summit clearing, Pu'u Kamaohanui

Below:  Descent ridge to Waialua from Kamaohanui

Below:  Descent ridge to Waialua from Kamaohanui


  1. Those are some views!


  2. These are awesome views! It is something I am sure you would want to see again and again. Hope all is well with you and you found more amazing trails to explore. Lots of luck and continued great health.

  3. Must try this hike. Happened slong your page during a google search. Glad to see there are other groups of Oahu hikers! :) My blog is alohasasquatch.blogspot Aloha.

  4. Great pics and info. Definitely on my list.