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Saturday, January 20, 2018

An Ascent of Pu'u Kukui -- Burton A. Falk (1978)

Early on in my long fascination with Maui I became intrigued with the idea of climbing 5;788' Puu Kukui (lit., "candlenut hill"), rising just east of Lahaina, the high point of the West Maul Mountains. Doing a little research, I found that this peak--because of its almost permanent cloud cap-is one of the wettest spots on earth. The mountain, in fact, has an average rainfall of 40 feet/year, and often competes with Kauai's Mt. Waialeale as the soggiest spot on the planet. Read more...


  1. I've hiked Olowalu to Waikapu.
    Olowalu to Iao is next :)

  2. Does anyone have knowleddge of the trek fromn Olowalu into Iao valley?
    Topo maps indicate a vertical climb of only 800' and a grade of only 33 degree. Surely do-able.

    Mahalos for your kokua and providing any info.